New Items For Sale!

Hi everyone,

We are going to start introducing some of our new pieces and reminding you of some of our old ones via our blog.  We want to point oiut some of our new items today!  Just recently, sofa tables and sofa end tables have been added to our collection.  These pieces of furniture come in all three types of wood/finishes: white cedar, torched cedar, and rustic pine.  

The sofa tables are perfect for the back of your couch or next to a tall end of the couch.  They are perfect for displaying pictures and decorations to add to the style of your home or even for extra coasters when you don't want to sit by the side table!  Our sofa end tables have a convenient lower shelf as well as a smooth top perfect for holding drinks or plates or anything that needs to be set down while lounging on the couch.  The bottom shelf would be perfect for storing some books or a basket for magazines.  Each wood/finish contributes its own style to the different options of these items.  Whatever your rustic heart likes, we are sure you can find amongst these options!  

Take a look below at a couple pictures to get you brainstorming about your future living room!

Northern Rustic Pine Sofa TableNorthern Torched Cedar Sofa TableNorther White Cedar End Table