Furniture should be practical and serve the purpose it was intended for, while adding character to a room. 


Building quality furniture starts with selecting quality wood.  We begin by hand selecting quality, dry wood, to reduce warping and shrinkage.  We use top quality fasteners, dovetail drawer joints, eco-freiendly, premium stain and finish to insure our furniture will last.  All Midwest Log Furniture is handcrafted in the USA.


We use water based polyurethane for its proven durability, UV resistance and the added benefit of being better for environment.  For staining and finishing your own log furniture, we recommend using a water based polyurathane and compatible stain.  Follow manufactures instructions per respective product.


We spend alot of time creating and testing our designs to make sure they are athestically pleasing, easy to assemble and built to last. 


After building, some pieces will be partially dissassembled for shipping.  We include easy to follow instructions with pictures, allen wrench and fastners for re-assembly.  Assembly is very important to us and we make sure that our furniture is easily re-assembled.


Quality furniture at a fair price.    


Buy with confidence knowing we guarantee our furniture from defects in material and craftsmanship for as long as you own the furniture.


How To Care For Wood Furniture

It is a good idea to clean your wood furniture from time to time. We recommend dusting the furniture with a clean, dry cloth or feather duster to remove dust. The furniture can also be wiped down with a furniture cleaner. If the finish looks dull or worn, lightly apply a furniture polish to restore the finish. Be sure to follow manufacture instructions.

Staining & Finishing Log Furniture

If you purchased natural log furniture, we recommend you finish your log furniture. Finishing your furniture will help protect the wood from attracting dust and make it easier to clean. Depending on your desired results, there are wide range of finishes and stains suitable for protecting and finishing wood furniture. If you choose to stain your furniture, start light and apply additional stain to desired results. Be sure to use oil stain with oil finishes and water stains with water finishes. Always follow manufacturer instructions. If the finish was applied by Midwest Log Furniture, it is a water based polyurethane.